Training Academy Manager

Dubai / permanent / Competitive Salary, Commission & Override of Team

Shelley Greer
+97152 685 6405
  • Teaching them how to prospect for new listings

  • How to generate and work on leads

  • How to conduct viewings and extract offers

  • Close deals (rentals and sales)

  • Understand the after rental and sales processes required

Team Size:

Your team will range in size but will not exceed more than 30 members at any given time to ensure that you are able to dedicate the right amount of attention to each member

Office Equipment:

You will be provided all the necessary office equipment required to carry out your job, in a professional and effective manner.

Health Insurance:

You will be provided with health insurance through the current company policy with AXA Insurance. Should you already have an existing insurance coverage, the company insurance coverage will start from the point that your existing insurance expires or is canceled.

Working Hours:

The office will be open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am until 5.30 pm but given the nature of the job

we expect you to spend very little time in the office.


You will receive 22 working days of leave per year. It is advised that vacation be taken when it is suitable for both you and the company. Unused days of leave cannot be carried over to the following year unless the manager agrees to it.


As per UAE Law you shall work under a probation period of three (3) months. During this period your conduct, demeanor, abilities, and performance will be monitored and evaluated by the company.